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Stavanger Fashion Night 2014

Stavanger Fashion Night 2014

The city of Stavanger is the third largest city in Norway and recognised world wide as the Oil Capital of Norway and maybe even Europe. With the booming oil trade comes a huge diversity of cultures and nationalities, with immigrants making up just over 20% of the population. Of course it should follow that such an internationally focused city should be inspired by it´s inhabitants. On October the 25th 2014, The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel lent it´s underground parking garage to the very first Stavanger Fashion Night (SFN). 


L-R Cecilie Fjelde Nilsen, Glenda Jensen and Maud Whitty. Photo: Julie Vold

SFN 2014 showcased seven designers both local and international under the guidance of Glenda Jensen Couture and Sabor Entertainment. The concept was simple, to bring together the blossoming fashion community of Stavanger, to introduce a little Hollywood glamour to a business orientated city and to support Independent artists and brands whilst giving something back to the community. Over the course of the show, SFN 2014 raised 10,000kr for Breast Cancer Awareness through ticket sales and donations. 


Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbons on sale at SFN – Photo: Julie Vold

 KANT by Frode Goa

A Norwegian Designer local to the area, Goa hails from the beautiful countryside of Jæren. Goa established himself in 1990 with the skateboard brand “SHIT” of which he was the creative director and manager of the brand for more than 10 years. Goa´s current label“KANT” which draws inspiration from his native Jæren and the surrounding areas. The collection contains mostly limited edition and one of a kind items, making his clothing line truly unique to the consumer.

Lisset Loyo

Hailing from Venezuala, Loyo is a well established designer specialising in crowns for Venezuala´s thriving Beauty Pagent industry. The national costume crown worn by Miss Universe Vanessa Goncalves (2011) was designed and created by Ferrer. Her speciality in crown creation is reflected strongly in her current collection “Isha” which like Goa, draws inspiration from nature and organic materials.

Gabriela  Altamira Stensland

Although Norwegian, her roots stem from Mexico. Having gather over 27 years industry experience as a model and coshing designer, she has branched out into the world of accessories. Her accessory company which was established in 2011, offers handmade jewellery that reflects the current fashion trends. Many of her pieces are up cycled from vintage or broken accessories.

Daniel Djemal

Native to Gothenburg, Sweden, Djemal is no stranger to fashion having studied at the iconic Instituto Europeo Di Design in Milan. Post graduation Djemal gained industry experience as an assistant to Swedish brand Kappal before deciding to branch out on his own. His current collection is called “Ocean Blues” which, as the name suggests, is inspired by the contesting blues of the ocean. Djemal utilises simple colour blocking and unique structures to create sleek designs with a modern twist.

Sonya Vajifdar

A woman´s wear  designer of Indian heritage, Vajifdar also studied at Instituto Europeo Di Design in Milan. As the owner of her own successful label “SONYA VAJIFDAR”, Vajifdar also creates designs for VEMB Lifestyle as “SONYA FOR VEMB” Her current collection is titled “The Japanese Gardens”  The collection is inspired by a diving exploration Vajifdar took in KoNayag – in thailand to a reef called Japanse Gardens . 

Norkys Batista

Although not present at the actual event, Norkys Yelitza Batista Villarroel showcased her current collection of beach wear. In her home country of Venezuela, Villarroel is an actress, model and former beauty pageant titleholder. Her current collection features vibrant colours, contrasting textures and embellishments which aim to capture the atmosphere of the Caribbean.

Glenda Jensen Couture

Lead designer Jensen, although local to Stavanger, is in no way restricted to the local culture. Having studied fashion in Barcelona, Milan, Los Angeles and now London, Jensen allows her cosmopolitan lifestyle to influence and guide her designs. “Glenda Jensen Couture” is split into 3 sub-labels; the purple label which is ready-to-wear, the black label consisting of prét-à-porter attire and finally the silver label which is couture high end fashion designs. Having showcased her previous collections at L.A. Fashion Week, Gothenburg Fashion Week, collaborating on designs for GJC (MAV Foundation) Jensen has now turned to bringing the fashion industry to Stavanger.


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